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Whether your pool needs plaster, a new pebble pool finish or a total remodel, give us the chance to earn your business.  With years of experience, reliable and prompt service plus the expertise to tackle even the most luxurious pool remodel, let our team consult with your family to design your dream pool.  

Unlike smaller pool remodeling companies, we have the staff, products and expertise to start your job TODAY and complete it quickly so you don’t have to live with the hassle of workers in your yard or months of no pool.

PLUS, we are proud to offer 100% financing on any pool remodel project.  Call us today to discuss the details.

The TOP REASONS To Remodel Your Pool This Year:

There are many reasons why you may be searching for a swimming pool remodeling service.  For starters, many home buyers and home seller want to upgrade their pool to solidify the value and appeal of their home.  

Second, Pools Do Get OLD and Need Aesthetic Updates – Maybe you are interested in updating the look of your pool to match changes that you have done to your home.  Perhaps your pool just looks old and outdated.  Either way, our pool transformation team will provide a free, on-site consultation to explain your options with NO PRESSURE.

Functional Updates – With all of the advances in pool technology such as salt water filtering systems and therapeutic hot tubs, you may just want more features than your original pool can provide.

Maintenance Concerns – Depending on the type of materials that were used when you originally installed your pool, you may need to remodel certain parts of your pool simply based on age.

Pool liners and pool equipment must be replaced over time and it is important to use a reputable pool contractor when these repairs must take place.

Call About 100% Financing, Fast Install & A Bonus 3 Year Warranty.

When It Comes To Quality Craftsmanship, No Pool Remodeling Company In The Palm Beach Area Can Touch The Meticulous Results Delivered By Step By Step.

Top Reasons To Choose Us For Your Pool Plaster Repair or Pool Remodel:

3. We have the largest selection of pool tiles, pool finishes and pool decking in the area. So, you get the perfect look.

5. Every client and renovation gets our full attention.  We start and finish quickly and to your satisfaction so there is minimal interruption in your yard and to your lifestyle.

6. Our pool design team is standing by to provide a FREE consultation with your family to discuss all of the possibilities you can choose when remodeling your pool.  From water color, to feature upgrades, to adding a new spa, ANYTHING is possible when your work with Step By Step.

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From Water color, to surface finishes, we can customize your pool to make it fit your exact style and needs. 

Unlike smaller companies, we are ready to consult with your family to find the perfect design and perfect fit for your budget and your pool usage needs.   

Need More Than Pool Plaster?

Ask About Total Pool Renovation

In South Florida, pools take a beating. From years of hot sun, high humidity, and near-constant use, it may be time to renovate your swimming pool.

Step by Step Pools can rebuild your pool from the ground up, resurfacing and replacing walls and floors, upgrading decks and lighting, and installing the latest and most advanced filtration, circulation, and heating systems available anywhere.

Your newly renovated pool will provide years of safety, fun, and enjoyment for you and your family.

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